I love having conversations with Andy, he thinks, I appreciate that in humans.  Yesterday he was curious what his diagnosis was and how that correlated with his behavior.  I told him ADHD and PDD NOS.  There used to be a few more letters but the doctors decided they were wrong there, that those behaviors were driven by the spectrum.

“So what are the behaviors caused by my autism?”  Who talks like that at 14?  Too many to list, anything specific you are thinking about?  “I don’t like change, are you sure I don’t have OCD?”  No OCD Andy, we are creatures that are successful when we do things habitually.  Do the same thing every day and there is a very good chance we will remember everything we need to do.

Doing new things is enough to stress a normal person because what if they are not good at it!  That is the last thing on the unconscious mind of someone with ADHD or spectrum, what that little voice is screaming is we may not show up for the game, we may forget.  Worse you have just changed the layout of the day, we may get so into this change that we will forget something afterwards.

Andy, we need patterns, it is how we function, that is part of both disorders.  People see it more with spectrum because you don’t have the skills to address the social aspect of, I don’t want to!

I say that will make me uncomfortable, I will try to deal, I may look unhappy.  Andy would unleash the dogs of hell and have a tantrum that would make a two year old blush.

“But I have anxiety.”  Masterfully understated my dear!

“Hey I have been meaning to ask you, my teacher says that diamonds are more valuable by weight than gold, why is that?”

And he is done examining his mind.